Ashley Massengill’s Recently Published DIY Credit Repair Book Offers Practical Routes Out of the Financial Doldrums

Massengill said of the financial book, “There are many companies like mine that offer credit repair services as a convenience. It’s an awesome part of what we do at AM/PM Credit Repair. But I want to also teach people how to do it themselves. Consumers can just as easily dispute inaccurate, duplicate, or unverifiable items on their credit reports that lead to lower credit scores. I solve the mystery. your credit can change your entire life, just like it did for me.”

With the goal of being able to qualify for a home, car, or personal loan with low interest rates, the book keeps the credit repair plan front and center. Charged with teaching people how to read credit reports, how FICO scores are calculated, and the false negative stigmas that are attached to bad credit, Massengill strives to turn the tide for its readers. Using practicality as its operating principle, the book contains two free dispute letter templates that help readers contact credit card companies and banks. It also includes testimonials from others who have successfully repaired their credit and been approved for several types of loans and refinances.

“If the process is too long or you don’t have time, you can sign up with my company and have my team repair your credit for you. But my first choice is for you to learn this on your own It is doable with patience and perseverance,” adds the author.

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On Ashley Massengil:
Ashley Massengil is author and founder of AM/PM Academy and AM/PM Credit Repair. After successfully building AM/PM Credit Repair into a million dollar business, Massengill’s AM/PM Academy business school was launched to help entrepreneurs.


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