Compass Consulting Group Benefit Plan Design Services Now Available to HR Service Providers Through PrismHR Marketplace

“Compass’s wide range of consulting services will be a huge asset to our HR service providers.”

PrismHR, the Leading HR Technology Software Powering Payroll, Benefits, and HR for Small and Medium Businesses Across the United States, Today Announced Compass Consulting Group, LLC Now Offers its Plan Design Programs benefits to PrismHR’s network of HR service providers via the PrismHR Market.

Compass is a recognized leader in the design and operation of benefit plans for professional employers’ organizations (PEOs) nationwide and provides in-depth consultations on issues such as healthcare reform, medical renewals and advanced claims analysis and risk assessment using its proprietary risk management. programs. Service providers can access Compass services directly from the PrismHR platform to gain more timely and actionable information about their plan’s performance.

The services include:

Optimize existing master plans

Refine internal skills in master plan management

Establish new master plans and develop strong management skills

Improve an existing master plan with a better targeted national or regional scope

Provide additional sustainable healthcare solutions tailored to the unique needs of each service provider.

“It is exciting for Compass to work with such a knowledgeable strategic partner and passionate about the PEO industry as PrismHR,” said Matthew Weaver, Director of Strategy and Development at Compass Consulting Group. “We have always sought to align with other industry leaders to better serve our clients and move PEOs forward. This partnership allows us to collaborate and bring value to our mutual customers through data integration and market positioning. We look forward to deploying our combined expertise to create unique solutions that positively impact the client’s ability to grow and manage profitability.

“Compass’s wide range of consulting services will be a huge asset to our HR service providers,” said Tim Pratte, senior vice president of customer success at PrismHR. “Our service providers have requested expert assistance and advice in benefit plan design, risk management and cost reduction strategies, and we are delighted to offer Compass’s services in the part of PrismHR Marketplace. “

About Compass Consulting Group, LLC

Compass Consulting Group, LLC ( is the leading provider of innovative employee health and wellness advice, services and solutions. Compass Consultants are experts in benefit plan design, risk management, actuarial analysis and year-over-year cost reduction strategies. Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, the company manages $ 1.3 billion in premium volume for more than 250,000 subscribers in 37 states, making it one of the largest benefit providers in the world. South East. Compass Consulting Group, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of OneDigital LLC.

About PrismHR

PrismHR’s mission is to fuel the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the United States. Our software, combined with our ecosystem of HR service providers, enables SMBs to manage payroll, benefits and HR, leveling the playing field with large companies. . Today, PrismHR software provides world-class HR services to more than 88,000 organizations and 2.2 million jobsite employees, processing over $ 57 billion in payroll each year. PrismHR is located at Hopkinton Mass. For more information, visit

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