Do you have questions or concerns regarding the dental plan? CDA help is just a click away


In April 2019, CDA launched a simple process for members to report dental service issues and questions on topics ranging from quality assurance audits to filing appeals. The online submission form allows dentists or their staff to quickly reach an expert for assistance and submit their issues 24/7.

To date, CDA Practice Support has helped nearly 3,900 members answer their dental questions and concerns using the online submission form.

Do you have a question regarding a dental insurance problem? You, too, can benefit from the timely help of a CDA practice support expert. Simply submit your question online using the submission form available in your account. Visit My Account, click on the Submit a dental insurance problem link and follow the instructions.

Advice on invoicing, coordination of benefits and more

The intake form collects basic information about your question or problem. Below are some topics on which you can get advice or help using the form.

  • Assistance in filing an appeal
  • Billing issues / questions
  • Grouped procedures
  • CDT Coding Questions
  • Refusal of complaint
  • Questions regarding contractualization / rental with plans
  • Coordination of benefits
  • A predetermination refused
  • Down coding processing
  • Explanation of benefit language
  • Loss of claim and / or documentation by the plan
  • Complaints from patients under their plan regarding the care provided
  • Late payments and withholdings by the plan
  • Dental plan quality assurance audits

The form is secure, HIPAA compliant, and only takes seconds to complete. Once you submit the form, Practice Support will review your issue, assess it for possible resolution, and clearly communicate next steps. You can expect to receive a phone call or email from CDA’s practice support team in return within 48 business hours of submitting your form.

“Help us help you” as the saying goes

The information and details you provide on these forms help CDA identify trends and patterns in the dental benefits market. Because CDA is committed to finding ways to support, advocate and act on behalf of its members, CDA uses the information gathered to determine how best to serve members facing issues similar to l future and to pivot and assist members with the ever-changing challenges in the dental benefits landscape.

Check out all of CDA’s resources on dental insurance plans.


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