Intel chip flaw proves irreparable despite patches

A security flaw in Intel ( INTC 6.94% ) CPUs that would have been repaired last year have not been, leaving dozens of computer users still at risk.

Positive Technology security research firm indicates that an error in chipset ROM could allow hackers to compromise encryption keys and steal data. Most of Intel’s chipsets released in the past five years have this security flaw, according to the report. Worse still, Positive Technology said it was “impossible” to detect a key violation and the vulnerability could not be patched.

Image source: Getty Images.

“With the chipset key, attackers can decrypt data stored on a target computer and even falsify its EPID (Enhanced Privacy ID) attestation, or in other words, make an attacking computer pass for the victim’s computer” , writes Positive Technology in the report.

Intel offered software updates to address the vulnerability, but Positive Technology advised users to upgrade to a tenth-generation or newer Intel processor instead. The researchers noted that it would take a very advanced hacker to exploit the vulnerability.

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