Reliance Standard Launches RSL Complete® Dental + Vision Benefit Plan

PHILADELPHIA CREAM – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company (Reliance Standard), a leading group insurance company specializing in employee benefit solutions for businesses of all sizes, launched RSL Complete®, a dental benefits plan and Integrated visuals for employers with 10 or more employees.

To help families familiarize themselves with preventative and routine dental care that may have suffered during quarantine from the COVID-19 pandemic, Reliance Standard also announced that it is waiving virtually all dental deductibles and removing limitations on frequency of dental examinations / cleaning for all insureds until December. December 31, 2020. Orthodontic deductibles for children and adults are not included.

“This has been a tough year for dental health, let alone dentists and their frontline staff,” said Patrick Trinsey, vice president of marketing for Reliance Standard. “As communities come back to life and quarantine restrictions relax, we want to make it as easy as possible for our clients to keep up to date with their family visits and dental care.”

Just in time for 2021 benefit enrollments, RSL Complete® offers a flexible and affordable plan option for employers and employees. Available in all states except Washington, RSL Complete combines dental and vision coverage in one simplified plan that is easier to administer and generally more affordable than two separate plans. More importantly, it allows the insured employee and their family members to move part of the maximum annual benefit to where they need it most.

For example, if it is time for everyone to buy new glasses or contact lenses, the insured can use the shared portion of the benefit to offset these costs. If it’s time for braces, there is some discretionary money to go in that direction.

The dental provider network is one of the largest in the United States, but insured members can see any dentist at any time. If they use a network provider, they can save up to 50% on the usual fees compared to an off-grid provider. There is no network requirement for the vision care portion of the policy.

“We are delighted to bring this product to our customers and customers,” said Trinsey. “It effectively removes all barriers to the supply and use of employer-sponsored dental and vision benefits. In an era where the administration of employee benefits becomes more and more complicated, RSL Complete® makes it easy with one policy, one deduction, one claims experience.

“The ability to see any provider and the added flexibility to reallocate benefit money to fund the most important care today makes this innovative coverage a huge win for families,” he said. he declares.

Reliance Standard dental customers can compare estimated fees for a range of procedures before making decisions about their dental care. The RSL Dental Cost Estimator allows insured members to compare estimated costs by postal code, for in-network and out-of-network providers, then decide on a treatment plan that best suits their health and practice. budget.

RSL Complete® also comes with a family prescription savings plan offered by more than 60,000 US drug stores, including CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and Walmart. The program allows insured members to compare typical prescription prices with negotiated discount plan prices and select the most cost effective option. The discount program is available to insured employees and all their family members, whether or not they are covered by the RSL Complete® plan.

Employers can get more information from their broker or benefits consultant, or by contacting their local Reliance Standard sales and service office.

Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company (Reliance Standard) is a leading insurance company specializing in innovative and flexible employee benefit solutions, including disability insurance and group term life insurance, a range of employee-paid coverage options and, with sister company Matrix Absence Management, fully integrated disability insurance. , management of leave and total absences. Reliance Standard markets these solutions nationwide through independent brokers and agents to employers of all sizes. Rated A + (Superior) by AM Best and Standard & Poor’s, Reliance Standard was founded in 1907 in Chicago, IL, under the name of Central Standard Life Insurance Company.

Reliance Standard is a member of the Tokio Marine group. Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc., the ultimate holding company of the Tokio Marine group, operates in the property and casualty, reinsurance and life insurance industries on a global basis. The Group’s main operating subsidiary, Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire (TMNF), was founded in 1879 and is the oldest and largest property and casualty insurer in Japan.

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