Zopa embraces the digital nomad life with a new benefits plan

Zopa Bank has confirmed that all employees will be allowed to work from abroad for up to 120 days a year, under a new benefits plan.

Effective immediately, Zopa staff can work from anywhere in the world with no change in pay. The digital bank has suggested 13 possible locations for digital nomads, including Spain, Portugal and Greece.

“The world of work has undergone unprecedented change, demanding greater flexibility and an increased desire to feel that our work has meaning,” said Helen Beurier, director of human resources at Zopa.

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“Our employees are now looking for jobs that offer the flexibility to achieve their life goals. We believe this policy will be a huge success, as it will allow our employees to live full and rewarding lives with incredible learning and development opportunities.

The new benefits package also provides 16 weeks of full-pay parental leave, regardless of marital status, gender or relationship. Three weeks of fully paid bereavement leave are also available, including two days for the loss of a beloved pet.

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Employees can also swap religious holidays to celebrate the days that matter most to them, and staff can sell up to five days of annual leave per year.

Additionally, staff will be able to save up to 40% on the cost of an eco-friendly vehicle, and the company’s cash health plan allows employees to access reimbursement for a range of treatments.

The company also offers menopause care, to train and support women.

Beurier said the new set of employees was created to “attract and retain top talent” and “create high-performing teams with a significant investment in our workplace flexibility and benefits model.” work that meets the ever-changing needs of today’s workers.

“We have always been guided by three principles: unwavering faith in our people, our ambition for sustainable growth and success, and our vision to earn smarter with flexible and pragmatic policies,” she said.

“Using an evidence-based approach and an extensive feedback process that spanned six months, we are today introducing a range of investments in our employee rewards proposition and offering that we believe are unique. and very meaningful to our employees.”

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